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The Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (BZH) is a central operating unit supervised by the Rectorate and, in cooperation with internal and external partners, offers cross-faculty guidance, support and services for core tasks in the fields of studies and teaching.



Professional Development Program

The BZH conceptualizes, organizes and conducts various professional development programs with regard to studies and teaching - which are:

  • (additional) professional development in academic teaching,

  • task-related professionalization in course management and

  • extracurricular development of students’ interdisciplinary skills.




Quality management

In this sense, reflecting on the quality of one's own teaching and the overall study conditions as well as working purposefully on their further development is an implicit claim and remit of the university to itself. To this end, the university adopted a new Evaluation Guideline in a cross-faculty coordination process in 2014.




Campus management

In view of continuous changes in university studies and the life cycles of IT systems, the conceptualization of campus management processes and their support or even complete realization using IT has become a dynamic field of its own and its organization and technological requirements are shaped by numerous interfaces.


Welcome to the Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (BZH)

Here you can find the most important information on the Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre and its services in English.


We are still in the process of translating the contents of the BZH website into English. The English web presence will gradually be completed to make all information and support on the services of the BZH more accessible for the international members of the University of Bonn. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Current Informations, news and operation reports regarding the BZH can be found on our german version.

For teaching staff:

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Office hours & contact

Office hours
Mo-Fr: 08:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Poppelsdorfer Allee 15
53115 Bonn

phone: +49 228-73-60323
fax: +49 228-73-60322
e-mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Characteristics data portal

Quality management platform for the visualization of study trajectories data.

Characteristics data network

Cross-universitiy network for the evaluation of study trajectories and examination data.

Writing Lab

A project initiative of the University of Bonn, initiated by the BZH in in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts.


Das BZH is a member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik e.V..

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