Our Teaching and Learning Services

The Bonn Center for Higher Education provides cross-faculty advice and support services in the area of teaching and learning.

We provide advice and support for those seeking to realize the sustainable development of the structural framework conditions requisite for successful teaching and learning to ensure that innovation in these areas thrives at the University of Bonn. To this end, we also provide target group-specific consultation, support, training programs and qualifications, run either in-house or in cooperation with other internal and external agencies. Our service provision focuses on the areas of campus management, quality management and qualifications.

Campus management

A University-wide system of learning and examination management, process development, application consulting and support and requirements management.

Quality management

Quality assurance and development in teaching and learning, characteristics data-supported quality development, skills-orientation, curriculum development, training and the provision of advice.


We organize and run qualifications for students and members of the University teaching and degree program management staff.

BZH-run projects and BZH involvement in other projects

The BZH is closely involved in a number of University-wide projects. Find out more about the Virtual collaboration, CampusPro, System accreditation, ORCA and Media laboratory projects run at the University of Bonn.

Involvement in working groups

The BZH is active in a range of teaching and learning working groups. This University-wide network ensures a coordinated planning process for a range of content-related and organizational issues. Find out more about the individual project and working and management groups in which representatives of the BZH are involved.


General inquiries

Please submit all general questions via email to: bzh@uni-bonn.de

Your contact persons

All contact persons for the individual aspects of our provision: The BZH team

See also

Who we are

The BZH steering committee, our team and our University network.


Kenndatenportal is a web-based quality management platform for the visualization of study progression data.

Services for teaching staff

Workshops, advice and support, NRW certificate and other services for University teaching staff.

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