The BZH team

Our team works to provide advice and operative support to all those active in a wide range of matters relating to teaching and learning. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need support—we are happy to help.

The General management

Avatar Breyer

Marcus Breyer

Quality management

Avatar Krüger

Stefan Krüger

Avatar Pickert

Daniel Pickert

Campus management

Avatar Bernst

Irina Bernst

Avatar Fischer

Stefanie Fischer

Avatar Ring

Alexander Ring


Please address any questions to

The Qualifications team web page provides further information about our team.

Avatar Alberti

Vanessa Alberti

Avatar Andreasová

Alexandra Andreasová

Avatar Beiza

Newsha Beiza

Avatar Kehler

Barbara Kehler

Avatar Treier (née Siemens)

Christina Treier (née Siemens)

(Parental Leave)

Advice and support for projects (internal and external grant programs)

Avatar Ullenboom

Marie Ullenboom

Virtual collaboration project

Avatar Stracke

Christian Stracke

Service Learning

Avatar Kwella

Derek Kwella

IT system administration

Avatar Flatzek

Dominik Flatzek

The work performed in our various areas of responsibility is supported by:

Avatar Cárdenas

Susanna Cárdenas

Avatar Ochtendung

Lara Ochtendung

Avatar Pilger

Jessica Pilger

Avatar Wolf

Lisa Wolf

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The organization and implementation of qualifications

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