Services For Student and Course Managers

Those employed in the management of degree programs can take advantage of the range of services which we provide in the area of quality management and campus management. We provide a range of IT-supported services, training and advice, consultation and PR services and networking events to support their activities in this area. Our advisory and training services are focused on developing the level of our provision in these areas. The services which we provide to this end are developed in a needs-driven fashion in response to inquiries and our own collaborative and proactive situation analysis.

We welcome initiatives and suggestions—just get in touch.

    IT-supported services

    The Bonn Center for Higher Education works together with the faculties at the University of Bonn to develop web-based programs to support degree program management. The programs focus on the visualization of complex contents.
    We are currently engaged in developing the curriculum structure portal as a platform for depicting skills pathways and module dependencies.
    We also maintain the University of Bonn Kenndatenportal to visualize study progression data.

    Training and advice for quality management

    Our services in this area focus on the issues of characteristics data-supported quality development, skills-orientation and curriculum development as well as advice and support pertaining to Kenndatenportal. Further information is available on the quality management web page.

    Training and consultation in CMS application management

    Training programs are not organized regularly, but in response to stated requirements—please contact us.

    The BASIS starter kit

    An introduction to the administration of examinations using BASIS

    This course provides an overview of the software modules used, how they work and their basic operating concept (including rights management).

    Integrated room management


    The course introduces is participants to the potential and functionality of electronically supported room management using the BASIS Bonn campus management system.

    The Toolkit campus management

    Workflow management and process-oriented degree program modeling.

    This course is designed as an open forum in which to address fundamental questions of process design raised during the realization of degree program models in BASIS. It focuses above all on the opportunities presented by and requirements arising from the interplay of technical and administrative processes, and the approach requisite to identifying problems. Typical issues addressed are:

    • What must be taken into account when changing a set of examination regulations?
    • What are the possible avenues for implementing new degree program models?
    • What are the opportunities for successful and user-friendly registration procedures?

    Specialist training and workshops

    Specialist training and workshops can be designed and run upon request in cooperation with the respective department.

    in CMS application management

    • We support process modeling in the context of organizing degree programs and examinations and the electronic mapping of examination regulations.
    • We advise process managers in the faculties and departments in the development of strategies for the introduction and implementation of IT-supported procedures such as electronic examination registration or place allocation procedures.
    • We provide advice and support to process owners in error analysis, controlling, the optimization of pre-existing IT-supported processes (process evaluation) and the corresponding use of software.


    General inquiries

    Please submit all general questions via email to:

    Your contact persons

    All contact persons for the individual aspects of our provision: The BZH team

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