BZH-run Projects and BZH Involvement in Other Projects

Our involvement in University-wide projects

Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration (ViCo) project works to develop a range of teaching and learning scenarios for collaborative working and learning in a digital environment in order to strengthen the overall level of teaching provided at the University of Bonn. The project implements three topic-specific learning spaces. They support our students to build essential competences of research-oriented education for their digitally connected world of living and work through the facilitation of independent, collaborative and constructive work processes. The three topics are: (1) "collaborative work with media," (2) "collaborative scientific computing" and (3) "collaborative work in and on three-dimensional environments." Within their learning spaces, digital tools permit the students at an early point in their studies to realize and visualize own development processes in an analytic approach and the teaching staff to integrate formats of peer-feedback in their education. A fourth virtual community space for teaching staff establishes an environment that facilitates systematic reflection on and communication about higher education. In this way, (participating) teaching staff can find inspiration and practical support within collegial exchange formats.

Further information about the project is available in our Confluence area (accessible from BONNET or via VPN).


Working within the scope of its CampusPro project, the University of Bonn has launched a new campus management system to manage teaching and examinations. The CampusPro campus management project is currently working to replace our current CMS system BASIS (Bonner aktuelles Studierendeninformationssystem) with a new system called HISinOne. Affecting all current users of BASIS, it is hoped that the changeover will be implemented in a number of stages by 2025/26.

Further information about the project is available in its Confluence area (accessible from BONNET or via VPN).

Open Educational Resources and

The BZH networks and integrates all the initiatives pursued by the University in the area of open educational resources. We provide information, qualifications and a range of advice and support services to members of the University teaching staff who seek to use open educational resources in their work and who hope to generate their own CC-licensed teaching and learning materials. We are a member of a number of national OER networks and initiatives, and provide information and support in the working of the state “Open Resources Campus – OER portal for digital teaching.

Further information about the project is available on the OER pages of the University of Bonn website.

Media laboratory

The project is working to establish a media laboratory. Taking a hands-on approach, it seeks to enable teachers and students to deepen their understanding of the opportunities presented by audiovisual formats and multimedia instruments in a range of teaching and learning scenarios. The laboratory will permit supervised or independent working practices depending on the skill levels of its users. As a joint initiative from the BZH and eCampus, it also incorporates external digital teaching and learning partnerships.

Further information about the project is available in its Confluence area (accessible from BONNET or via VPN).

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System accreditation

The University of Bonn is currently working towards system accreditation. The multi-year project through which this goal is to be realized will be initiated by a preliminary project, within which quality-relevant questions are discussed and from which a control loop will be developed in the area of teaching and learning.

The BZH is involved in the preliminary project through participation in its core and subproject groups and through the provision of expertise on a range of quality assurance issues and the application of Kenndatenportal.


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