Workshops and Courses for Students

Please note that our course and workshop catalog does not permit registration for courses focusing on highly specialized issues serving the needs of institutions or departments. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you fail to find a specific offer.

The university didactics courses for tutors and mentors run by the BZH are aimed at students at the University of Bonn with an interest in didactics.

Registration and organizational matters

Important information about registration, admission, withdrawal etc. is provided here.

Tutors at the University of Bonn register via BASIS (login with their Uni-ID).

Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education

The free self-study course at TU Graz (MOOC) introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources for students and lecturers at universities. Open Educational Resources (OER for short) are educational materials that are freely accessible and can be edited, adapted, and shared without violating copyrights. This succeeds because so-called "open licenses" or public domain materials are used for this purpose. This course introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources for students and teachers at universities.

Successful participation can be credited towards the tutor’s certificate (8 AE).

Accessible from May 6, 2024

Registration and organizational matters

Binding registration for University of Bonn students is performed online via BASIS. You can navigate directly to the provision linked in BASIS via the course and workshop catalog. After logging onto BASIS with your Uni-ID, select “register/withdraw”. A window will open in which you can register for a place on the course. You will receive confirmation of registration.

Please note the following change in the admissions procedure: to avoid scheduling conflicts in the context of different admission phases, we will leave your status in BASIS as “Registered”. Should all the places on the course be taken, we would temporarily assign you the status “Rejected”, but will place you on a waiting list. We will send a mail to your University of Bonn email address to inform you of this development. Those on the waiting list will be offered any places that become free. They will be informed of this opportunity by email. Completion of a workshop or course will be recorded. Please address any questions to

You can find an overview of all the workshops and courses run in the current semester in the BASIS course catalog under Qualification programs for tutors and mentors.

Participation is only open to external tutors from one of the following institutions: 

  • University of Cologne
  • TH Köln
  • German Sport University Cologne
  • Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
  • Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences
  • Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences

Tutors from our alliance partners can register via a dedicated registration form. Confirmation of registration and a place on the waiting list will be issued by email within three working days. Those on the waiting list will be admitted to the course should any places become free. You will be informed of your final admission status no later than two weeks before the start of the course. In the meantime, you are welcome to inquire about your current admission status.

As courses run by the BZH do not follow the rhythm of semester and non-lecture period, there are no fixed registration periods. However, as only a limited number of places are available for each course, we recommend early registration. Keep abreast of the latest changes to our services and provision—register here for our Newsletter

Places on our courses are allocated chronologically following the date on which the applications were received. Courses aimed at a specific target group grant priority or exclusive admission rights to members of these groups. If they are eligible for participation, other interested parties and external tutors will be placed on the waiting list and will be informed whether they can participate two weeks before the start of the course at the latest.

A course will only take place if it receives sufficient registrations. The BZH usually decides on such matters two weeks before the course is set to commence.

All our workshops and courses are free of charge for students of the University of Bonn and for participants from the member institutions of the Rhineland Alliance Certificate Program.

University of Bonn students who have been accepted on a course can withdraw via BASIS. After logging in to BASIS with your Uni-ID, select the course from which you wish to withdraw under the field “Course registrations”. A window will open in which you can withdraw from the course. You will receive confirmation of withdrawal.

Withdrawals with less than seven days’ notice on grounds of illness are to be notified by an email to accompanied by a medical certificate. Failure to do so can result in exclusion from participation in future courses. 

If you are no longer able to attend an event for which you have made a binding registration, you must cancel your registration in writing (by email) seven days before the start of the workshop or course at the latest. This enables us to assign your place to those on the waiting list.

After this point, withdrawal is only possible following illness and requires submission of a medical certificate.

Absence from a workshop or course without prior timely notification or without the submission of a medical certificate (under certain circumstances, a medical certificate will be accepted at a later point) can result in exclusion from future courses. 


Christina Treier (née Siemens) is currently on parental leave. Her replacement is Vanessa Alberti.

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