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Tutors play an important role in supporting the teaching of University staff and perform a vital function during the orientation phase of new students. Seeking to ensure that tutors are well prepared for this work, the University runs programs focusing on the requisite methodological and didactic skills. Completion of the program results in the award of a tutor’s certificate. Tutors can also select additional programs of training relevant to implementing projects in their department. To get started, we recommend that you prepare, e.g. by working through the independent study material provided in the eTutor: didactic principles and An introduction to eCampus and courses.

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The Rhineland Alliance Certificate Program

The Rhineland Alliance for University Teaching Qualifications for Tutors is a joint project from the

The certificate program is aimed at all students already working as a tutor or who aspire to do so in the near future. This systematic qualification program has a minimum total scope of 45 lesson hours (1 h = 60 min) and enables its participants to develop a professional approach to tutorial teaching. 

A didactics foundation course is followed by a peer observation phase in which tutors receive feedback on their teaching approach. Students then submit a report reflecting on their approach to teaching. Participants can choose 21 hours (minimum) of instruction from the entire range of courses and workshops to complete the extension module. The final meeting hosts a discussion of the reflection portfolio and is followed by the award of the certificate of completion.

Further information about the individual modules is provided in the figure below.

Registering for programs

Are you interested in taking one of our certificate programs? Do you need help in choosing the right program for you? Just ask, we are happy to provide advice.


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