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Are you looking for high-quality teaching materials that you can use in your courses? Or would you like to create open educational materials yourself and make them available to other students or teachers? The University of Bonn supports you in both the use and the creation of open educational materials. These web pages contain information about the opportunities afforded by Open Educational Resources (OER) and the support available in this area from the BZH.

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What are "Open Educational Resources"?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials of all nature and every form available under an open license. Such a license confers free-of-charge access to and free use of the material and permits the editing and dissemination of the material without or subject only to minor restrictions. The authors themselves determine which usage rights they grant and which rights they reserve.

Open Educational Resources can include individual materials, but also complete courses or books, whilst the classification can be applied to any medium. Teaching plans, course materials, books, streaming videos, multimedia applications and podcasts—all these resources are classified as OER, if they have been published under an open license.
(Source: Unesco)

Using open licensed materials correctly

Materials with an open license cannot be subject to unrestricted use. CC licenses specify how to quote the work correctly and the uses to which material may be employed. These instructions require compliance: failure to do so represents a breach of copyright.

We have compiled a range of information, tips and links in Confluence aimed at members of the University of Bonn teaching staff, regarding the correct use of OER, the meaning of the various licenses and how to create and publish OER teaching and learning materials (accessible from BONNET or via VPN). Here you will find all the important information relating to the creation and use of OER.

Searching for and finding OER

We have published a collection of links in Confluence (accessible from BONNET or via VPN) to search engines for CC-licensed university teaching and learning resources.

Landesportal is a free-to-use online portal about digitally supported teaching and learning at universities in NRW. The state-run portal provides open access teaching and learning materials; you can also publish your materials here.

Funded OER projects

Are you looking for inspiration? The University of Bonn runs three successful projects under the aegis of the “” grant program. Take a look at the projects currently funded.


Which OER Internet sources are really good? We have compiled a selection of sites that provide useful further information for university teachers.

Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education

The free self-study course at TU Graz (MOOC) introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources for students and lecturers at universities. Open Educational Resources (OER for short) are educational materials that are freely accessible and can be edited, adapted, and shared without violating copyrights. This succeeds because so-called "open licenses" or public domain materials are used for this purpose. This course introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources for students and teachers at universities.

Successful participation can be credited towards the NRW Certificate Professional teaching skills for the university in the subject area "Lehren und Lernen" (10 AE).

Accessible from May 6, 2024

OER office hours

Mondays, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Drop in to our open office hours—no prior registration required! The office hours are hosted online via Zoom. The Zoom link is available on the Confluence page linked here (accessible from BONNET or via VPN).


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