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The certificate program of the Rheinländische Verbund

The Rheinländische Verbund for the Academic Teaching Training of tutors is a cooperation between the University of Bonn, the TH Köln/University of Applied Sciences, the University of Cologne, the German Sport University Cologne, the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and the Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences.

The certificate program is aimed at all tutors of the participating universities who are actively teaching as tutors or aim to do so in the near future. It offers tutors a systematic qualification program to professionalize their tutorial teaching with a total scope of at least 45 work units (1 WU = 60 min).

Christina Siemens
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After basic teaching training, a peer observation serves to receive feedback on one's own activities. You will then record the insights you gained through the feedback with regard to your own actions and submit them to us. In the extension module, courses from the entire range of our offers consisting of at least 21 WU can be selected freely. You will then submit your Reflection Portfolio (5 WU) and use it in a final meeting, after which you will receive your final certificate.

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