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The Teaching Portfolio

The Teaching Portfolio serves as an instrument to systematically document and self-evaluate your teaching experience with respect to the targeted professional development of your skills in teaching and instruction. In it, you will successively collects texts and materials on important topics of your professionalization process as instructor, such as

  • teaching philosophy / teaching approach / teaching stance,
  • own teaching practice / teaching methods / teaching strategies,
  • evaluations / feedback on your teaching,
  • commitment to teaching and
  • perspectives for further teaching.

We have compiled key questions on the individual sections for you. Please also note our additional recommended reading. A workshop on working with the portfolio in the basic module additionally provides the theoretical foundation for the topic and gives you further assistance in compiling and preparing your materials. In the Final Reflection in the basic module you design an initial structure for the Teaching Portfolio. If required, you can also use our offer for individual guidance to receive expert feedback on your personal Teaching Portfolio.

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