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The Innovative Teaching/ Learning Project

Towards the end of your training in academic teaching in the NRW certificate program, you will carry out an individual, Innovative Teaching/ Learning Project. The aim is for you to, based on an example, reflect in an exchange with colleagues and explain to an interested public how the professionalization process you have undergone is reflected in your teaching and which stumbling blocks might have arisen for you from which respective framework conditions,.
Possible aspects which your project may focus on are for example:

  • innovative development of course formats
  • practice orientation
  • online-supported teaching formats
  • novel exam formats
  • novel forms of support
  • study reform measures
  • development of new modules
  • ...

During the development of the projects and for the final presentation, you will reflect on your teaching concept in particular:

  • What were the goals of your project?
  • What methods and approaches did you use to achieve these goals?
  • What was your target group and the circumstances of your project?
  • What feedback have you received from the students?
  • What is your take-home message? What conclusions do you draw, e.g. with regard to the further development of teaching in your field?

Here you may find an overview of innovative teaching/ learning projects that were conducted in the past.

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