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Final Reflection in the basic module

Who writes the Final Reflection?

The written Final Reflection is an obligatory part of the basic module of the NRW Certificate Program Professional Teaching Competence for the University at the University of Bonn. It must therefore be written by all those who wish to participate in the certificate program and complete the basic module at the University of Bonn.

What is the purpose of the Final Reflection and what do I write in it?

The Final Reflection within the basic module helps you determine your progress in your professional development in academic teaching, and represents a preliminary stage of your own teaching portfolio, which you develop in the course of your development process. The aim is that, following the workshop on portfolio work, you reflect in writing

  • on your role as a teacher,
  • formulate ideas of a teaching concept and
  • present your teaching experiences, drawing upon your knowledge in didactics .

To this end, you will look back at the steps you have taken on your path to professionalization and its effects on your teaching practice, develop an initial framework for your own Learning Portfolio and consider which direction you should take for your further professional development.

In addition, the BZH is grateful for suggestions for the further development of our program for Professional Development in Academic Teaching and on how the offers in this program are arranged.

What extent should the Final Reflection have?

The Final Reflection in the basic module comprises 5 work units (WU) of 45 minutes each.

When do I write the Final Reflection?

You will write the Final Reflection when you have completed the other components of the basic module (teaching and learning and the workshop teaching portfolio).

How do I submit the Final Reflection?

You submit the Final Reflection to the BZH in writing - either in paper form or as a pdf file, which you send to the BZH.

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