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For course management

Our services on study management are aligned with the respective university-wide coordinated task portfolio, which comprises the following core task areas:

  • quality management, study and exam organization
  • information and counselling as well as
  • maintaining contacts, public relations and networking.

The BZH’s offers on guidance and training aim to further develop the following competencies necessary for fulfilling tasks from these areas, both with regard to concrete practice and management tasks

  • in the characteristics data-driven evaluation of study progress (analyses of study trajectories),
  • in curriculum development,
  • in organizational and process development for study and exam organization, and also
  • in the targeted use and application of campus IT for study and exam organization.

We develop our offers to suit the measure-related demands that have been brought to our attention or identified together with us. In this respect, we are always open to ideas, suggestions or concrete proposals - please do not hesitate to contact us.

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