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Training programs

CMS application management

BASIS starter kit

  • Introduction to the basics of exam organization using BASIS The training course provides an overview of the software modules used, their functions and the basic operating concept (including rights management).

Integrated room management

  • an introduction
    Within the scope of this training course, the potential and functions of electronically supported room management with the Bonn campus management system BASIS will be demonstrated.

Toolkit Campus management

  • Workflow management and process-oriented course modeling
    This course is an open forum for fundamental questions of process design in implmenting course models in BASIS. The main focus is on the possibilities and requirements of the technical and especially administrative implementation, as well as how to recognize and identify possible problem sources. Typical questions would be:

What has to be considered when changing examination and study regulations?

What possibilities are there for the implementation of new course models?

What possibilities are there for target-oriented class enrollment?

Subject-specific training courses and workshops

  • on electronic examination administration These can be designed and carried out on request in cooperation with the respective department.

The training courses do not take place[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] regularly, but on request only – if you are interested, please contact us.

Characterstics data-driven evaluation of study trajectories (Analyses of Study trajectories)

Introductory training course on the Characteristics Data Portal

  • This course is required to gain access to the Characteristics Data Portal. The training course

- explains the quality management at the university,

- provides mandatory information on data protection,

- explains the visualizations and the structuring concept of the portal and

- teaches you how to use the portal.

Advanced training courses are available

  • on the analysis options of the Characteristics Data Portal
    The interaction of different analysis options and filters results in a multitude of possibilities with which study trajectory data can be effectively evaluated. The advanced training course shows several procedures how to examine study programs for specific questions, including in particular analyses of

- drop-out,

- long-term studies and

- zpotential 'problem modules'.

Training courses on individually tailored topics

  • Whenever needed, you can book training courses on specific questions that may arise, for example from an accreditation procedure.

The training courses do not take place regularly, but on request only. The training courses are organized by the respective faculties or the BZL. If you are interested in training, please contact the department administrator of your institution.

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