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Consulting services

CMS application management

  • We provide support in process modeling for study and examination organization as well as the electronic representation of examination regulations;
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  • We consult process managers from the faculties, departments and subject groups on how to develop strategies to introduce and implement IT-supported procedures, such as electronic examination registration or course enrollment;
  • We support process managers in error analysis, controlling and optimization of IT-supported processes (process evaluation) and software deployment.


Characteristics data-driven evaluation of study trajectories (Analyses of Study trajectories)

  • we guide you in interpreting your characteristics data analyses;
  • we support you in developing concrete analysis concepts for specific problems for individual study programs;
  • we advise and support you in the context of more complex evaluation procedures, for example in the context of re-accreditation processes;
Stefan Krüger
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  • we develop options for specific analysis objectives that are not automatically available yet.
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