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BZH services

The Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (BZH) offers cross-faculty guidance, support and services for core tasks in the field of study and teaching.

Main focuses are:

  • the university-wide study and examination management (campus management),
  • the quality assurance and development in study and teaching (quality management) and
  • the organization and implementation of qualification programms (qualification).

The BZH accompanies and coordinates the further development of processes or entire procedures in these fields - including their IT-supported implementation - up to corresponding reorganization projects. In the sense of the sustainable development of structures, the BZH itself or in cooperation with internal and external partners offers specially designed, target group-specific training and qualification formats.

The design of the services of the BZH is carried out under the condition that specific content-related issues and structural requirements of the subjects - or requesting organizational units - are met to a high degree and take into account institutional requirements of the university - such as the fulfillment of (legal) requirements or the harmonization of cross-procedures. The common goal in this way is to minimize expenses in the relevant fields of work in view of a large number of competing tasks in the faculties and subjects and to develop synergies wherever possible.

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