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Quality management

1. The university strives for the highest quality in teaching. This is the basis for training the best qualified young people for academic professions and a scientific career.
2. The principle of “education through science”, which applies to academic teaching, compels every university instructor to perceive research and teaching as balanced tasks. [...]
5. The university will sustainably expand its services to support lecturers in teaching. [...]

(Excerpt from the University Development Plan 2015-2020 [Hochschulenwicklungsplan 2015-2020], p. 7, Maxims for Studies and Teaching [Maximen für Studium und Lehre])

In this sense, reflecting on the quality of one's own teaching and the overall study conditions as well as working purposefully on their further development is an implicit claim and remit of the university to itself. To this end, the university adopted a new Evaluation Guideline in a cross-faculty coordination process in 2014. It defines the procedures for the systematic analysis, assurance and improvement of the quality of teaching and studies are regulated throughout the university in the sense of operative feedback loops.


The services offered by the BZH accompany such procedures on three levels:

Characteristics data-driven quality development
… We offer visualizations of relevant characteristics data via our web portal, so that they can be used in study trajectory analyses to facilitate evaluation and, if desired, support representatives from the subjects in interpreting the data and deriving improvement measures.

Training and qualification
… In order to further the development of action portfolios, the BZH offers training and qualification programs in the field of academic teaching, including eLearning and blended learning, as well as study management. With its commitment to the (further) development and provision of offers for students in undergraduate courses, the BZH also aims to promote interdisciplinary key skills, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary requirements at the start of studies.

Good teaching as a joint mission
… We actively guide the formation and strengthening of teaching communities through offers such as subject-specific orientation days – at the level of faculties, departments, subject groups and institutes.

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