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Analyzing study trajectory data

With the help of the Characteristics Data Portal of the University of Bonn, employees in charge of quality management can generate visualizations to analyze modules, exams and study trajectories. The use of the portal is quite intuitive. After a mandatory training, users will have no difficulty in understanding heat maps that can be generated by the software. Depending on the depth of evaluation and individual questions, users can receive additional support from the BZH, particularly when conducting more comprehensive analyses, for instance, by combining different diagrams of the overall study trajectory and individual modules.

Depending on the requirements, the BZH offers a variety of services in cooperation with the faculties:

  • User training
  • Development of concrete analysis concepts for individual institutes (please indicate the concrete goals of the analysis)
User support &
training request
Stefan Krüger
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General questions
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Further information:

User support and training requests: Stefan Krüger General inquiries: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

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