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Professional development in study management

Due to the increasing autonomy of German universities and the Bologna Process, study management has undergone a dynamic development as a core field of academic self-administration in recent years. Professionalization in this area is now combined with a hybrid qualification profile that has to be furthered through vivid exchange among peers or working groups, as well as through professional development that respects institutional strategies for the advancement of studies and teaching. Since 2011 and in the course of the Bund-Länder-Program for improving study conditions and teaching quality, all faculties have adjusted the content of their taks portfolios for study management, and all teaching units of the university have received new positions to accommodate these tasks. In this, the claim of a holistic, professional support of study programs and students throughout the university is realized. Course management at the University of Bonn therefore comprises the following core tasks:

  • quality management,
  • organization of studies and exams,
  • information and guidance and
  • account management, public relations and networking.


The offers of the BZH, both in operational and practical terms and with a strong orientation towards management aspects, aim to further the development of competencies in the following areas associated with the abovementioned core tasks:

  • characteristics data-supported evaluation of study progress (analyses of study trajectories),
  • curriculum development,
  • organizational and process development for study and exam organization,
  • the targeted use and application of campus IT for study and exam organization.


Furthermore, we endeavor to support the training of key skills in study management based on current demands. The development of offers is aligned as closely as possible to those demands for measures that are brought to our attention or identified together with us. In this respect, we are always open to requests, suggestions or concrete proposals - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current workshop offers can be found here.

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