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Tutor/Mentor training

Especially in the rather challenging study entry phase, Tutor and mentor programs are of great importance, as they help differentiate by target group-specific needs that arise from the transition from school to university, are easily accessible and can be provided in small groups with a good supervision ratio. This individualized, internally differentiated support is especially useful in the study entry phase, as it enables students to tackle obstacles at an early stage that may otherwise impede further study progress. In addition to the general study mentor programs provided for new students, individual programs on subject content and, if applicable, cross-curriculum aspects are offered as well as target group-specific offers, such as for new students in teacher education, for students with disabilities/ chronic illness or international students. In addition, there is a wide range of support tutorials for students in the first semesters, for example helpdesks assisting with exercises or the revision of content. The established models are continuously being developed further to better suit the students' needs.

In order to adequately prepare students for specific aspects of their tutor or mentor activity, the BZH – in coordination with the faculties and subjects – offers training in methods and didactics. Please refer to the course overview to receive announcements about our offers.

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