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Professional development in academic teaching

Our offers for professional development in academic teaching follow the principle…

Of promoting conditions that foster good teaching,
…in particular by respecting institutional requirements, the intrinsic motivation of the teaching staff and their need for as self-determined professional development as possible in our provision of offers. From participation in individual courses, some of which may be initiated or suggested by the teaching staff themselves, to the acquisition of entire certificates, our offer can be flexibly aligned with the needs of the teaching units or the individual developmental goals of our teaching staff. The BZH is a member of the DGHD and is committed to their superordinate standards regarding the content taught.

…Of enabling professional development that is as self-determined as possible and supports the teaching community to the best-possible extent.
This is reflected in each of the services that are part of the certificate programs: Taken together, these services guide a systematic reflection of one's own teaching activities, so that the desired competences can be acquired. They ultimately aim to create a highly innovative teaching and learnign project, which can be presented to and discussed with interested colleagues. Through this, a broader exchange on teaching can be promoted.

In a broader sense, 'teaching’ can be understood as an exchange,
…insofar as also draws upon the discussion of ‘good teaching’, both between teaching staff and students, as well as among teaching staff themselves. The presentation of teaching and learning projects as well as teaching interships, both within the subject and across subject boundaries, are therefore an implicit component of our certification programs of professional development in academic teaching.

And - last but not least - to qualify students for teaching tasks early on
…by adequately preparing them for the specific aspects of a tutor's or mentor's role. The BZH offers methodical-didactic development courses in coordination with faculties and departments.


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