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Campus management

All processes of a student life cycle are managed electronically with the assistance of so-called campus management systems (CMS).

Under the name BASIS (Bonn Current Student Information System), the University of Bonn has been using the software modules (GX-Campus) of HIS eG for campus management since 2006. The Hochschulrechenzentrum (University Computer Center) (HRZ) and Dezernat 2 (Division 2) of the central university administration jointly perform the technical operation and are available to provide support for any technical problems (HRZ & Dezernat/ Division 2).

Following the guidance of the decentral study and exam administration, the faculties and departments are responsible for developing these processes with regard to their content and organizational structure, and to implement them in the campus management system. The respective organizational units have contact persons for all related questions from students and teaching staff (Support). To these contact persons, the BZH offers guidance in process design and IT-supported implementation.

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