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Process development

In view of continuous changes in university studies and the life cycles of IT systems, the conceptualization of campus management processes and their support or even complete realization using IT has become a dynamic field of its own and its organization and technological requirements are shaped by numerous interfaces. To ensure a coordinated and sustainable application management, corresponding guidance services form a link between 'the technology' and the diverse application needs of different user groups under the umbrella of the BZH.
The BZH supports the faculties in this respect primarily with the following services:

  • Advising process managers in the faculties, subject groups and departments on the development of strategies for the introduction and implementation of IT-supported procedures, such as electronic exam registration or class enrollment;
  • Supporting process modeling within the framework of study and exam organization as well as the electronic representations of exam regulations;
Stefanie Fischer
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Alexander Ring
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  • Supporting process managers in analyzing, controlling and optimizing IT-supported processes (process evaluation) and software use.
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