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Application guidance & support

The BZH accompanies and supports decentralized application management and, as part of task forces and committees, also acts as an interface between faculties, administration and central providers of IT services, with the aim of jointly safeguarding and optimizing operational, IT-supported processes in studies and teaching.

Processes of student and exam administration are analyzed and modelled by balancing content requirements, organizational framework conditions and the functional possibilities of the IT used. Having an in-depth expertise in all three dimensions, the BZH offers guidance with the aim of achieving a content-adequate, cross-institutional and sustainable implementation of processes within study and exam organization. The BZH offers the following support concerning the decentralized implementation of IT-supported processes in the CMS as well as the corresponding operation:

Stefanie Fischer
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Alexander Ring
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  • Gving advice on applications as well as organizing and conducting user trainings,
  • Giving advice on and coordinating the harmonization of procedures,
  • Ensuring operationality in the case of breakdown through case-related, temporary and mandated support of operational procedures,
  • Optimizing software use through cross-faculty documentation, participation in test scenarios and development of requirement profiles for new functions.
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