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  The project group Process Descriptions Examination and Study Organization (CampusPro) is the result of preparatory measures installed for making a decision on introducing a new campus management system, as was discussed in the Rectorate working group Exam Organization and Student Administration (now replaced by the Commission for Studies and Teaching).

Preliminary project

BASIS Introduction

Pharmaceutical sciences study group


Preliminary project for introducing POS-LSF in the pharmaceutical sciences subject group in cooperation with the pharmaceutical sciences department.

The central steps of an implementation project include process modeling, development of a data model, design of IT-supported procedures, development of a role and rights model, mapping of examination regulations and implementation of user training courses.

Cross-university Characteristics data network   Establishment of a cross-university network for the evaluation of study trajectories and examination data.
Digital examination archive
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  The continuously high volume of examination files and administrative procedures to be documented increasingly presents the audit authorities with problems, since the associated documents must be stored and archived at high cost whilst also having to be permanently available. In order to meet this requirement, a document management system, such as the one that is already being used productively in the university administration for accounting, should be used. This offers the advantage of being able to rely on existing in-house expertise and infrastructure.
Analyses of study trajectories
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Characteristics data-driven identification of indicators
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  This work force aims to meet the needs mandated by the increasing complexity of the Characteristics Data Portal and was creatd as part of the application signed by all faculties for the second funding period of the Bund-Länder Program for improved study conditions and more quality in teaching. As part of a pilot project with representatively selected study programs, the basis for an inventory of diagnostic indicators is first developed and then continuously and specifically refined and expanded.
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