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Cross-university characteristics data network

A cooperation agreement has been in place between the University of Bonn and other universities since October 2017. The aim of the network is to achieve cross-location synergy in characteristics data-driven quality management in the field of studies and teaching.

As part of the cooperation, the University of Bonn makes the software of the Characteristics Data Portal developed in-house freely available as source code and supports the implementation at partner locations. In return, all cooperation partners undertake to further develop the Portal and its application scenarios together, thus successively developing cross-location standard procedures for improving studies and teaching.

The following universities are currently involved in the cooperation




All universities are cordially invited to participate in the characteristics data network. If interested parties wish to use the Characteristics Data Portal at their own location, it will be made freely available as part of the cooperation.

Contact for cooperation: Stefan Krüger

General inquiries: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

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